Married? Now what? Everyone needs to work at marriage. We may have watched people drive but we still needed to study, practice and pass a test to get a license and be a great driver. We’ve watched marriages our whole life but we still need to learn how to “do marriage”- even if we got that license without a test.

  1. Do What the Other Wants. This works beautifully when you both do it. And here’s the trick, neither should expect anything from the other… otherwise, you’re just about you and not we.
  2. Don’t Tell All. Sharing is good to a limit. Your every doubt of the other and pointing out of every flaw will get you no where. And as for other info… a little mystery can go a long way.
  3. Your Spouse Doesn’t Make You Whole. Romantically and spiritually you may be two halves of a puzzle come together but your spouse can’t fix your insecurities or weaknesses. It’s up to you to make sure your half of the puzzle is in good shape. Read More

Strangers… What to Do With Them

It’s said that how a person treats strangers is a true mark of character. There is no obvious benefit or harm with a stranger, as you feel effectively anonymous. Here’s a step by step to stranger interaction that we can all use.

  1. Notice Them. Look up. We all have our eyes on our phones, our ears plugged and our minds not here. Let’s disconnect with our self-made world everywhere we go, at least for a few moments, to notice the world that is around us.
  2. Trust Your Gut. Did you know that we can smell danger? We actually can smell when someone’s happy, disgusted or sad! And all this happens subconsciously. (I know amazing! goggle it!)  So, trust your gut.
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How to Deal with an Ex: Top Ten Tips

In the quest for Mr. or Ms. Right… it’s inevitable that we end up with ex’s. A healthy outlook on our ex is key to moving on. Top Ten Tips. What do you think?

  1. Civility Goes a Long Way. Whether you are tied to an ex with children or the ex was a passing “thing”, treating others with civility is key. Give an ex at least the same respect you’d give a stranger. The past is over and your present actions are what others see. Your present actions build your future.
  2. Accept Your Mistakes. It takes two to tango. Never forget that. Even if you were a victim to a bully, you put yourself in that situation. Take responsibility for your part, so that you can change and not repeat the same mistakes. Read More

Finding the Right Match

When you’re in it, it’s hard to figure. But in hindsight it’s pretty clear. Top ten tips to finding that right match.  What do you think?

  1. Be Yourself. Yep, that means you need to know who you are.   Don’t pretend you love the opera, if you’re all rock. Don’t pretend you’re the outdoors type, if you can’t be without room service.
  2. Don’t Come On Strong. It’s the air of desperation that hurts
    ou here. You need to come from a place of strength. If your every move is because you think you might lose this one too… it’s never going to work.
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