And… How Are You With Things?

Here’s the way to have a proper relationship with the “its” of your life. How do you stack up to this to-do list?

  1. Have Some Things. No need to have all things. No need to have nothing,
  2. Limit Your Things. The more things we have. The more complicated our life becomes. Once you find that your things take up your time rather than free up your time… that’s when you’ve crossed the line.
  3. Take Care of What You Have. Ultimately, everything we have is a blessing. Treat your things well and appreciate what you have… not what you don’t have.
  4. Own Things with Thought. The things you own should serve a purpose in your life that is more than fleeting. Will you want your thing next week, next month, next year?
  5. Get Rid of What You Don’t Use. If you are saving your things for that day you may need it… donate it. Let that thing bring joy to someone else and do a mitzvah.
  6. Don’t Assume That All Should Have What You Have. Just because you have it and are blessed with it… doesn’t mean that everyone should. So, be thoughtful about your gifts and don’t feel guilt if you have something others don’t.
  7. They Define You! As much as our friends and family define us… to some extent so do our things. They create the physical world we live in, the environment we breathe, and the atmosphere that supports us. So, pay it some heed.
  8. Really Attached? Separate! Sure things define us… but more importantly we define us. If you are overly attached to many things… remember things come and go but your essence is always with you.
  9. Shop-A-Holic? Love the thrill of a find? The joy of the moment? Take a picture instead. Give it as a gift. Find someone else who’d love it instead. Pass on the joy and in return you’ll have a home overflowing with love and not just things.
  10. What Would You Take in a Suitcase? If you were forced to leave your home overnight and could never return and had once suitcase for the “things” that weren’t necessities what would you take? Those are the things you cherish… the rest you can replace.