“No Labor, However Humble, is Dishonoring.”

We all have to work.  Let’s make it good. How?

  1. Respect. Respect for authority is the basis of how society operates. So, if you are working for someone else, whether you like it or not, you are not authority… so give it up to the boss. Now, if you are the boss, don’t take your power for granted. Authority through respect will take you much further than authority through power.
  2. Do Your Best Work. You’re here to work. Whether you like where you are at this time or not, it is where you are. So, do your best. You will never regret it.
  3. Don’t Over Share. Work is work because it is not your personal life. Don’t confuse the two. We work to support our personal lives. So, don’t share your personal life at work and make sure you have a meaningful personal life outside… that is why you work.
  4. Life is Not a Sitcom. Workplace romance? Forget about it. See number three. Of course, we can meet friends and romantic partners at work but we have to be very careful when worlds collide. Even with family businesses, the best advice is to have contracts drawn up as if you are working with strangers to ensure that business and personal life don’t collide negatively.
  5. Never Burn Bridges. We live in a community. We are all a part of a living whole and our paths are all intertwined. Act with dignity and above bar at all times. So forget about that “I Quit” video or “Employee Expose” you were planning to make and post on-line.
  6. Keep Learning. Don’t stay static. Even if your work limits you to one area, take advantage of every opportunity to learn more. Once you stop learning, you stop growing and it is more likely that over time you become less useful. And we all want and need to be useful members of our communities.
  7. Give Yourself Credit. You deserve credit for what you create and do. Don’t let others have it. In a way, it is stealing if someone is taking your work and claiming it as their own. So, be proud of what you do and stand up to claim it.
  8. Don’t Worry About Credit. On the other hand, let’s not be consumed with ensuring that we receive credit at every turn. Humility is important; as is acknowledging the fact that no work can truly be accomplished without a team of people, who all come together to make it happen.
  9. Keep Those Eyes Open. Always be looking for opportunities for growth-where you presently are or beyond. The purpose of work is to provide for your life… as your life changes, so will your needs for work.
  10. Think Like a Boss and a Worker. Whether you are the employer or employee always keep the other in mind and think like they would. Then do your task to the best of your ability for each other. Successful work is teamwork at its best.