Toxic Folk

So… you do your best to have healthy relationships but some people just aren’t on the same page as you are. How do you handle the toxic folk who just don’t know how to do relationships right?

  1. They are Wrong. It’s easy, when with someone who is toxic, to begin to doubt yourself and over time see what you do as wrong. Read this repeatedly if you need to: YOU ARE RIGHT.
  2. Give the Toxic the Benefit of Doubt. This will definitely be hard when someone often has a hidden agenda or is ready to pounce at every move; but still, with each interaction, give them the benefit. This will give you peace of mind and give them a chance to change if they ever want it.
  3. A Person Can Be Helped Only if They Want It. You can only lead a horse to water, you can’t make it drink. If your toxic spouse, friend, parent, sibling doesn’t want to change, face it… they won’t.
  4. Keep Your Distance. Toxicity spreads. You will begin to think and act like those around you. So, keep your distance as much as possible. Emotionally and physically, if possible.
  5. Get Professional Help. That’s right YOU get help when someone else close to you is toxic. Why? You need to stay strong, stable and healthy. You just can’t do it alone.
  6. Stay Connected to Friends. It’s easy when we are in toxic relationships to lose touch with our friends. Whether it’s because the toxic individual makes it hard or we are too drained or embarrassed to be with them (don’t be embarrassed- that’s a topic for another time). Whatever it takes, stay in touch with your healthy friends and family.
  7. Take Care of Your Body. Being in a polluted environment takes its toll. An emotionally toxic environment is no different. Exercise. Eat Well. Explore the outdoors.
  8. Take Care of You Soul. Constant barrage of emotional attacks wears people down. Truly none of us should have to deal with it. But if you are in it, protect your spirit. Pray for goodness, for strength and happiness. Do it daily.
  9. Keep Growing Personally. Those who are toxic have a way of stopping us in our paths. Don’t let that happen to you. Continue to grow as a person. Learn something new. Do something different no matter how small. Every day.
  10. Get Out if You Can. Simple as that. But, it’s not always possible if those who are toxic have to be in our lives. They can be our parents, spouses, children or siblings. So, if you can’t get out… just be sure to protect yourself.