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it's the act that counts

Let’s Stop Oversensitivity

Enough with oversensitivity. I recently read an article about what not to say to a pregnant or new mom. The quick recap of the list is below. First, let’s discuss oversensitivity for a minute. (1) Oversensitivity is a way of asserting control over the behavior of those around you. An overly sensitive person will not see…
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Do We Have Freedom of Thought?

When we first went on-line, we all thought that we are entering an information age which will give us all ultimate freedom.  We will all have access to the same information.  We were about to enter an era of democracy and free thought at its height. But a mere two decades from the start of…
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The Nose Picker

Six of us were in a room waiting for a meeting to start and one of the women in the room chimes in,  “You’re never going to believe this… I was at a light and just looked over to my right and there was my mother-in-law picking her nose- I mean really digging in! So funny,…
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Strangers… What to Do With Them

It’s said that how a person treats strangers is a true mark of character. There is no obvious benefit or harm with a stranger, as you feel effectively anonymous. Here’s a step by step to stranger interaction that we can all use. Notice Them. Look up. We all have our eyes on our phones, our…
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