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it's the act that counts

Gratitude Galore aka Thank You Movement

So… when this whole business of gratitude became the rage of mental health and social media, I agreed with its essence but then thought people had fully gone overboard.  Thirty Days of Thanks?  National Gratitude Day? Daily Gratitude Lists? No Thanks. But, I take it back. In the midst of so much uncertainty in people’s…
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I’m Against ID Bracelets. How About You?

People love allergy bracelets for their kids. I don’t.  I think they do far more harm than good. But first, what is it?  It’s a bracelet that your child wears that lists all their allergens so that adults who interact with them will be aware of what can trigger a reaction.  (For those who don’t…
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Pets and the People Who Love Them

Love Pets?  Hate Pets?  Either way you have to deal with them.  They are part of our world.  So, here’s a top ten list of how to deal with the creatures in our life. 1. Get One. They are fun and great company. They create opportunities to connect with other people who have the same…
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