Gratitude Galore aka Thank You Movement

it's the act that counts

Gratitude Galore aka Thank You Movement

So… when this whole business of gratitude became the rage of mental health and social media, I agreed with its essence but then thought people had fully gone overboard.  Thirty Days of Thanks?  National Gratitude Day? Daily Gratitude Lists? No Thanks. But, I take it back.

In the midst of so much uncertainty in people’s minds about their life, with the constant barrage of negative press from all directions, and the fear that we are gripped with every time we hear about the latest tragedy… gratitude goes a long way.  Certainly no matter how you cut it, gratitude is something that we can never have too much of in our life.  And it’s not so new as we may think.  Prayers have always expressed gratitude in the world we live in and our life.

What’s the worse that can happen if we count our blessings every day? I really have no idea.  If we share what we are thankful for with everyone… that could be a problem.  Humility and sensitivity to others who may not have our blessings are important.  A gratitude journal?  What a beautiful idea.

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