“We” is Greater than “I”

it's the act that counts

“We” is Greater than “I”

Our world today is filled with adventure and new ideas knocking on our door- but the truth is that most of us aren’t adventurers. True inventors, explorers and creative artists aren’t a dime a dozen. Yet, we all seem to fancy that each of us is just that.

We are all basking in the ideals of “individuality” and “self-discovery” as the epitome of a life well lived. But really, most of us just want to fit in and be a part of the group. When it gets down to it, we’re happy following tradition and learning from other’s mistakes.

Let’s face it- the unique status belongs to only a few. This doesn’t mean that each person isn’t special and needed in this world- it’s just that we are not all unique in the full sense of that word.

If we could all just let go of this ideal of individuality and self-discovery, we are likely to be happier, less stressed and not as lonely, as we accept that ultimately we are social beings who thrive in each other’s acceptance.  Here’s to the path most taken!

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