Meet Haleh

it's the act that counts


Hello! So glad you’ve stopped by. My name is Haleh. I speak and write about thinking out of the box.

We live our best lives when we are true to ourselves and simultaneously tap into knowledge and wisdom that is greater than ourselves. This usually means not doing what everyone else does. It’s not easy walking to own beat.

My writing and speaking is about helping each other see life from a different perspective to help us achieve a peaceful life with those who are different than us (that includes our kids and spouses- not just our friends and coworkers) and to also gain peace and greater health for ourselves.

Author of a number of books, Haleh wears many hats.  She has worked as an attorney at top national law firms, teacher for over 20 years to children of all ages, program creator for health education, counselor, educator, community developer and fundraiser.  Haleh is sought on national media, radio and our global community as a speaker, writer and educator.