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Think Again: This Way and That is about recognizing that there is no such thing as an everyday object, encouraging creativity in how we use things. This books helps kids learn there is more than one way to look at it all.

Think Again: What Do You See? teaches that every person may be looking at something in a different way. This lesson of perspective is a foundational building block of communication and understanding between people.

Think Again: Who are You? builds confidence by showing children that they are capable of doing anything. Even at a young age, kids can be helpful and have relationships with many different people.

Think Again. All the Possibilities? shows kids how to imagine the world in many different ways, encouraging children to look around and dream about what could be no matter how impossible it may seem.

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Are you working through oral immunotherapy or tolerance induction therapy with your child? It is a long process requiring patience, parental expertise and a lot of dedication.  Dr. Swati Gandhi and I teamed up with this guide to help you through the process.  Navigating OIT is filled with parenting advice, recipes and all kind of tips to help your family successfully navigate this process.

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Turn the pages of Little Patient Big Doctor and take a journey. For years, Ethan’s allergies limited him primarily to formulas as his nourishment. Alex, they told me, could barely hear. “It is what it is. There is nothing you can do about it.” Or was there? A story that will strike your heart and empower you to trust your own strength. You will laugh, cry and pick up practical tips on parenting and achieving the best health for your child. Read Little Patient Big Doctor then pass the gift to a friend.

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We tend to dwell on our flaws and shortcomings though many of us were raised by women who encouraged us to embrace our beauty, both inside and out. They were ironically enough also conflicted. Learning to Love Me chronicles the personal experiences of 20 women, all with distinct backgrounds. Regardless of those differences, the commonality that unites them is the ability to overcome obstacles that have at one point or another plagued us all.

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