it's the act that counts

Thank you for your expertise, knowledge and encouragement, which you so generously share. May you be blessed with success in all your endeavors and with the good fortune of having people like yourselves come into your lives.- Haleh
Dr. Charles Berlin
Yael Branscom
Elizabeth Cohen
Stefanie Cohen
Dr. Swati Gandhi
Lina Kogan
Debbie Landes
Dianne Lazer
William Marble
Dr. Scott Podolsky
Dr. Ben Rabizadeh
David Rabizadeh
Esther Rabizadeh
Dr. Rahmat Rabizadeh
Debbie Resnick
Steven Resnick
Selma Roffman
Cindy Silvert
Dan Silvert
Rabbi Steven Wernick

Also, thanks to the many mom and book bloggers who have taken Little Patient Big Doctor and my words and spread it across the globe.

And to Shira, Ben, Sam, Jake and Josh through whom I’ve gained wisdom and joy and to Jeff for his tireless countless hours of support and love- this would not be possible without all of you.