Help Kids Be Leaders Without Helping Them!

We all want our kids to be leaders- to be able to lead others or stand up for themselves.  Here’s my top five how tos.  What’s yours?

  1. Let Kids Make Mistakes: Mistakes build character. They teach us that we can overcome.
  2. Don’t Help: You read it right. Don’t help your child. Let them figure it out themselves. Always think- what’s the worse that can happen? If you can fix that scenario, let your child grow by helping themselves.
  3. Let them know:  “I expect you to lead.”: It’s okay to give our children expectations. It’s a stress that is valuable to their growth.
  4. No Phone 24/7: You want your child to be able to think by themselves without seeking advice for every little thing. If they are in a safe area, consider leaving them without a phone.
  5. Be a Model: Lead by example. Do good. Be good. And. . . make sure you let your kids know.

Have No Fear: Be Free

I won’t sign a petition to make a camp peanut free. I’m not demanding that local schools have egg free options on the menu. And next week at our friend’s holiday party, I’m not expecting a special dairy free dessert. Just because my child has allergies, the world doesn’t have to stop operating as it does and start revolving around our concerns. And yes, he does have multiple allergies including all nuts, dairy and egg to name a few.

My son fully understands what he can eat and knows what’s in something before he puts it in his mouth. We bring his food everywhere. I just refuse to teach him to be entitled and defined by his allergies. I refuse to have him live a life of fear. Read More

Would you save a stranger or your dog?

Recently I was struck by my facebook newsfeed. Topping my feed with 200 likes and 63 comments and counting was news of a friend’s dog – passed away the previous night. The condolences and sincere heartfelt sadness was clear in every comment. A close second and directly below it was a posting of another friend’s father who passed away with a 187 likes and 50 comments.

My question: When did dogs become people? Don’t get me wrong- I am all in favor of kind treatment of animals and do understand the bond that forms with a pet. I have a dog too. I am just wondering am I the only person left who would save the life of a stranger over my dog? I hope not. For certainly people working together have saved countless lives and the true love of another person is priceless. I would save you- my fellow “man”. Would you save me?

To Critique or Not To Critique

What happens when we disagree and want to critique? Do we do it?  The truth we all know is the most people don’t take criticism well- they get defensive.  So I ask… why do we do it?  If someone will get defensive, they won’t hear what we have to say.  So, how can we deliver disagreement in a way that it will be heard? Here’s the five step method of delivering that bad news…

  1. Is it worth it?  People march to different drummers- accept this. Do you really need to critique?
  2. Sandwich the critique:  a dose of positive, the critique, then another dose of positive
  3. Watch your timing: is the other person in the best position they can be to hear you and truly listen?
  4. Be humble in your approach: no one knows it all- don’t act like you do when you critique
  5. Gratitude goes a long way: always thank who are talking with

Good Luck!

To Share or Not to Share

We live in an age of sharing – our thoughts, our images, our past, our future.  On the one hand- what’s better than sharing and connecting?  We need to share to survive- it’s true no man is an island. And babies who are starved of human connection… die.  On the other hand- could we go too far? Isn’t the most charming person the one who lets the light shine on others?  With our constant sharing are we truly connecting?

Coffee. Who doesn’t love that killer aroma? Drink a cup, black and caffeinated – it’s good for you. Drink it with sugar, drink decaf, can’t wake up without it but ultimately it’s bad for you.

So, what do you want for your kids? Are you okay with them getting into that coffee habit? Our town’s high school sells coffee to its students. I don’t get it. We take out the soda. We bring in the coffee. Is there really a difference?

Chances are kids aren’t drinking the stuff black. They’re not limiting to one cup either. All that caffeine makes them jittery, saps their calcium and makes them dependent. Of course we can then give them ADD drugs and vitamins. Something just doesn’t seem right to me.

What are your thoughts on kids and coffee?

Kids and Coffee: To Drink or Not to Drink?