Haleh Rabizadeh Resnick

it's the act that counts

The Story Behind the Story

Dr. Swati Gandhi and I recently collaborated on Navigating OIT. This guide is designed for parents helping their children through oral immunotherapy or tolerance induction therapy. If that is something you are dealing with, this book is for you- from how to manage it from a parenting perspective to specifics on recipes and going through…
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Live Your Best Life

“You can be anything you want to be.” “You can get anything you set your mind to.” “Just do it.” “You can have it all.” We’ve all heard variations of these sentences and shown examples of those who have made it big against all odds simply because they set their mind to a task. But…
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First Impressions Matter: I HAVE ALLERGIES!

Would you put a sign on your child front and center of what they are allergic to? Apparently enough people would that this is a product sold by Target. On an allergy forum I am in, parents were so exuberant for this find. I just don’t understand. The reality is that we judge books by…
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You’re Not All That… But You’re Priceless :)

What many parents say to their kids: “You can be anything you want to be.  You can be the President.  You can run a company.  You can be a famous actor, musician, athlete, scientist.  You can cure cancer.” But really, can we?  These are nice encouraging words and certainly every person should reach high.  But does every person have the aptitude…
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Who’s In Charge?

Do you think we’ve gone too far with technology or not far enough?

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas… I get it. For those who for many years lived in a country where you have been the majority, not hearing “Merry Christmas” is beyond heartbreaking. When everyone is on the same page, when friends and neighbors believe as one and celebrate together.. there are few things sweeter. And besides, America’s open society…
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Cupcake Wars… Allergies and Us

It seems counterintuitive but wanting everyone to accommodate our children and working to make our child like others is actually extremely intolerant of us.

Constant Updates

If you have a kid in school… you will know exactly what I am about to share and for those who don’t… life has changed. Every parent has access to a password to go onto a site chosen by the school where you can get every homework assignment and every test grade in real time.…
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The “We” In “I”

In this thought provoking talk, Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks argues that in today’s world we worship ourselves. From the emphasis we place on self-help to selfies to online filters which reinforce our world view… we are all about ourselves. And self worship… ultimately leads to world destruction. But it doesn’t have to be that way,…
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Time Travelor

Much is said about the power of living in the moment.  After all, we can only be who we are now and to think of anything other than that is to deny ourselves today and our future.  But in truth, is it really possibly to let go of a past?  We are the sum total…
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