Have No Fear: Be Free

I won’t sign a petition to make a camp peanut free. I’m not demanding that local schools have egg free options on the menu. And next week at our friend’s holiday party, I’m not expecting a special dairy free dessert. Just because my child has allergies, the world doesn’t have to stop operating as it does and start revolving around our concerns. And yes, he does have multiple allergies including all nuts, dairy and egg to name a few.

My son fully understands what he can eat and knows what’s in something before he puts it in his mouth. We bring his food everywhere. I just refuse to teach him to be entitled and defined by his allergies. I refuse to have him live a life of fear. Read More

Would you save a stranger or your dog?

Recently I was struck by my facebook newsfeed. Topping my feed with 200 likes and 63 comments and counting was news of a friend’s dog – passed away the previous night. The condolences and sincere heartfelt sadness was clear in every comment. A close second and directly below it was a posting of another friend’s father who passed away with a 187 likes and 50 comments.

My question: When did dogs become people? Don’t get me wrong- I am all in favor of kind treatment of animals and do understand the bond that forms with a pet. I have a dog too. I am just wondering am I the only person left who would save the life of a stranger over my dog? I hope not. For certainly people working together have saved countless lives and the true love of another person is priceless. I would save you- my fellow “man”. Would you save me?