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it's the act that counts

The Story Behind the Story

Dr. Swati Gandhi and I recently collaborated on Navigating OIT. This guide is designed for parents helping their children through oral immunotherapy or tolerance induction therapy. If that is something you are dealing with, this book is for you- from how to manage it from a parenting perspective to specifics on recipes and going through…
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First Impressions Matter: I HAVE ALLERGIES!

Would you put a sign on your child front and center of what they are allergic to? Apparently enough people would that this is a product sold by Target. On an allergy forum I am in, parents were so exuberant for this find. I just don’t understand. The reality is that we judge books by…
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Cupcake Wars… Allergies and Us

It seems counterintuitive but wanting everyone to accommodate our children and working to make our child like others is actually extremely intolerant of us.

What About the Drinking?

Kavanaugh.  #Me Too exploded.  People took sides. What stuck with me though was that no one talked about drinking. Drinks are such an acceptable part of our culture that no one even dared suggest that maybe… just maybe, we should all do something other than drink with each other every time we hang.  We revel…
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Family First

I was recently struck by comments in an “allergy mom’s group”.  One mom asked if she was overreacting for taking her child home when her in-laws had a meal filled with her child’s allergen even though there was other food that the child could eat… after all, her in-laws knew of the allergen. What struck…
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Leadership is a trait that every individual should have.  Some, will take their leadership to a communal level and be our next generation’s leaders; others will be individuals who lead by example, making our world a better place one good deed at a time. How do we develop leadership in ourselves and others?  It only…
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I’m Against ID Bracelets. How About You?

People love allergy bracelets for their kids. I don’t.  I think they do far more harm than good. But first, what is it?  It’s a bracelet that your child wears that lists all their allergens so that adults who interact with them will be aware of what can trigger a reaction.  (For those who don’t…
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I Need A Drink Now!

Someone needs to explain to me why parents of kids say the following in front of them: “I can’t wait for the weekend to get trashed.” “Is it only 10:30? I need a drink now.” “Where’s that glass of wine? -Trying to do math with my son.” All I can think when I hear this…
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Is Your Allergic Child Disabled?

Regardless of how you answered that question, it is a fact that many parents with children with allergies treat their children as disabled.   We think they cannot do for themselves. We feel the need to protect them. We demand that others accommodate their disability. It’s interesting, isn’t it? We live in an era when we…
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Picky Eaters and the Parents Who Make Them

“He’s just a picky eater. He only likes cheerios but you have to give it to him in a plastic bag. He refuses to eat it out of a cup and he’ll only take it from me.” I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard parents say in front of their children that…
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