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it's the act that counts


Feeling Lonely? Get a dog. Stressed? Get a dog. Need exercise? Get a dog. Scared? Dog. Insecure? Dog. Want a kid? Dog. Why Dogs and Humans Love Each Other More Than Anyone Else shares the long history of interconnectedness between dogs and people ending with a simple explanation for why we are so connected: LOVE. We…
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How to Deal with an Ex: Top Ten Tips

In the quest for Mr. or Ms. Right… it’s inevitable that we end up with ex’s. A healthy outlook on our ex is key to moving on. Top Ten Tips. What do you think? Civility Goes a Long Way. Whether you are tied to an ex with children or the ex was a passing “thing”,…
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Finding the Right Match

When you’re in it, it’s hard to figure. But in hindsight it’s pretty clear. Top ten tips to finding that right match.  What do you think? Be Yourself. Yep, that means you need to know who you are.   Don’t pretend you love the opera, if you’re all rock. Don’t pretend you’re the outdoors type, if…
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