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it's the act that counts

The Sky is Falling… FEAR!

FEAR. In the story of Chicken Little we learn an important lesson about fear. After an acorn falls on Chicken Little’s head, Chicken Little assumes the sky is falling and runs off to tell her friends. She and her friends ultimately meet up with the fox, who cleverly takes advantage of their fear and eats them!  As…
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The Nose Picker

Six of us were in a room waiting for a meeting to start and one of the women in the room chimes in,  “You’re never going to believe this… I was at a light and just looked over to my right and there was my mother-in-law picking her nose- I mean really digging in! So funny,…
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Pee Gate

We went to a one year old birthday party in our friend’s home. Our two year old had an accident on the carpet- we cleaned it up. We get a bill for professional carpet cleaning for the entire room after the party. As a host, would you charge for the cleaning? As a guest, would…
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Family: Enjoy Them- Even If You Don’t Like Them!

Family creates the foundation for who we are. We can never fully deny them because they make us who we are- whether through birth or love. So, what’s the best way to handle family we may not actually want to be around? Family is Foundation. Each of us is built by our family- genetic and…
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Toxic Folk

So… you do your best to have healthy relationships but some people just aren’t on the same page as you are. How do you handle the toxic folk who just don’t know how to do relationships right? They are Wrong. It’s easy, when with someone who is toxic, to begin to doubt yourself and over…
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