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it's the act that counts

The Power of One

Do you want to be that one voice that moves others? We all want to make a difference, an impact, and know that we matter. We may not all have visions of leading millions to a new frontier but every person needs to matter and needs to be connected in order to live a meaningful…
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The Naked Thing

Naked- “a part of the body without clothes”.   Naked changes meaning in different cultures and times. The bible considers hair not covered, naked. It used to be considered naked for a man to go swimming without a tank covering his chest.  Some consider short skirts or shorts to be naked regardless of gender. Others would not…
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You’re Not All That… But You’re Priceless :)

What many parents say to their kids: “You can be anything you want to be.  You can be the President.  You can run a company.  You can be a famous actor, musician, athlete, scientist.  You can cure cancer.” But really, can we?  These are nice encouraging words and certainly every person should reach high.  But does every person have the aptitude…
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Who’s In Charge?

Do you think we’ve gone too far with technology or not far enough?

Cupcake Wars… Allergies and Us

It seems counterintuitive but wanting everyone to accommodate our children and working to make our child like others is actually extremely intolerant of us.

Constant Updates

If you have a kid in school… you will know exactly what I am about to share and for those who don’t… life has changed. Every parent has access to a password to go onto a site chosen by the school where you can get every homework assignment and every test grade in real time.…
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The “We” In “I”

In this thought provoking talk, Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks argues that in today’s world we worship ourselves. From the emphasis we place on self-help to selfies to online filters which reinforce our world view… we are all about ourselves. And self worship… ultimately leads to world destruction. But it doesn’t have to be that way,…
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What About the Drinking?

Kavanaugh.  #Me Too exploded.  People took sides. What stuck with me though was that no one talked about drinking. Drinks are such an acceptable part of our culture that no one even dared suggest that maybe… just maybe, we should all do something other than drink with each other every time we hang.  We revel…
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What’s Your New Year’s Contribution?

With a New Year we generally think about our New Year’s Resolution. Exercise more? Be more present? Floss regularly? Eat better? Be a better spouse/parent/person? For the most part, New Year’s Resolutions are about ourselves- self improvement- how we can be better as an individual. Let’s switch it up a bit in this coming year.…
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System Efficiency: freeing us to do our finest work

“What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun.” Ecclesiastes 1:9 And so, as mankind advanced, we went from hunters and gatherers to farmers. From farming to industrialization and from industrialization to the computer revolution.  Yet, in the end there…
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