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it's the act that counts

Cupcake Wars… Allergies and Us

It seems counterintuitive but wanting everyone to accommodate our children and working to make our child like others is actually extremely intolerant of us.


Feeling Lonely? Get a dog. Stressed? Get a dog. Need exercise? Get a dog. Scared? Dog. Insecure? Dog. Want a kid? Dog. Why Dogs and Humans Love Each Other More Than Anyone Else shares the long history of interconnectedness between dogs and people ending with a simple explanation for why we are so connected: LOVE. We…
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What Did Barbara Bush Do Anyway?

Barbara Bush is gone. Actual conversation I had: Me:  “Barbara Bush passed away today.” Kid: “So, what did Barbara Bush do anyway?”, spoken with disdain. Me:  Absolutely incredulous, “She was the mom and wife of TWO Presidents.” Kid: “She didn’t do anything.” Me:  “What?!?!  She raised the kid who became President and supported and gave…
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When Do Children Become Adults?

There is no such thing as privacy for children. Experts today tell us of the critical importance of monitoring our children’s on-line lives (see  Parents have apps on their phones allowing them to see every text sent through various medium and to confirm whereabouts.  Parents check their children’s browser history to be sure that their…
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Words Are Actions: They Free Us Or Enslave Us

Tara Westover is raised to fear every institution: governmental or corporate including schools and hospitals. Her family lives in the mountains of Idaho. They are off the grid. Tara never spends a day in school. When her brother suffers a life threatening head injury, they treat it at home. When her father is severely burned…
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Family First

I was recently struck by comments in an “allergy mom’s group”.  One mom asked if she was overreacting for taking her child home when her in-laws had a meal filled with her child’s allergen even though there was other food that the child could eat… after all, her in-laws knew of the allergen. What struck…
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Family: Enjoy Them- Even If You Don’t Like Them!

Family creates the foundation for who we are. We can never fully deny them because they make us who we are- whether through birth or love. So, what’s the best way to handle family we may not actually want to be around? Family is Foundation. Each of us is built by our family- genetic and…
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