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it's the act that counts

What Did Barbara Bush Do Anyway?

Barbara Bush is gone. Actual conversation I had: Me:  “Barbara Bush passed away today.” Kid: “So, what did Barbara Bush do anyway?”, spoken with disdain. Me:  Absolutely incredulous, “She was the mom and wife of TWO Presidents.” Kid: “She didn’t do anything.” Me:  “What?!?!  She raised the kid who became President and supported and gave…
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“No Labor, However Humble, is Dishonoring.”

We all have to work.  Let’s make it good. How? Respect. Respect for authority is the basis of how society operates. So, if you are working for someone else, whether you like it or not, you are not authority… so give it up to the boss. Now, if you are the boss, don’t take your…
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