ChatGPT: Let’s Be A Step Ahead This Time!

ChatGPT. Here we go again! Can anyone keep up with the fast pace of technology?  If you haven’t heard of this yet, go check it out. I can guarantee you that your kids know all about it.

ChatGPT is an AI search engine that’s smart as heck. Just put in your essay prompt, ask a complex question, give it an outline and it will pump out a beautiful well written response. No need to read through pages of searches to cumulate your answer. It’s all written out for you. Lawyers, journalists, teachers and everyone else watch out! Who wrote it? And will you care?

Give it a go. I did. It took 30 minutes to spruce up my friend’s bio for work- saved at least two hours.  And it was great! By the time we were done, I doubted my own ability to write. There was a glimmer of hope though, when ChatGPT decided to spruce up “I’ve traveled 5 continents” to “I’ve been to all 5 continents”.

What Can We Do?

I’m sure like every other tech out there, we’ll figure it out in a few years. Let’s try to be ahead of the curve this time. Facebook and social media has completely changed how we interact with others and how we feel about ourselves.  The fall out has not been great as rates of anxiety and loneliness spike. Let’s think about what ChatGPT will do and how we can be prepared.

  1. Seems to me if ChatGPT is going to be doing a chunk of our mental work, that we need to create spaces to have analytical conversations and discussions to keep our brains sharp. The brain is a muscle too. Use it or lose it. Think about it, before cars, no one needed treadmills. Kids walked miles to school. Now we need gyms at every corner. What businesses and new careers will be out there to keep our minds sharp?
  2. And working for AI companies to ensure accuracy of information in the system, will probably be a new and fulfilling career option too. Who doesn’t want to claim to be smarter than AI?
  3. We should also probably work on doing tangible activities with our own hands to satisfy our emotional and psychological needs to create. My bet is on craft stores being a good financial investment as well as anything to do with gardening.

What do you think we will need to do to stay emotionally healthy and intellectually sharp as ChatGPT becomes the next step in our technological growth?

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