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it's the act that counts

The Naked Thing

Naked- “a part of the body without clothes”.   Naked changes meaning in different cultures and times. The bible considers hair not covered, naked. It used to be considered naked for a man to go swimming without a tank covering his chest.  Some consider short skirts or shorts to be naked regardless of gender. Others would not…
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Life is So Very Interesting

Each of us is completely different than another person. Frankly, we’re each different when we are with different people. Accepting and understanding that we are not all the same is something we have to remind ourselves every day and reinforce with our children and each other. Have you asked your kid to put on a…
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Think Again: What Do You See?

Most parents would tell you that their kid is a genius! Well, turns out they’re right! It’s all about reinforcing our children’s natural curiosity and imagination. Traditional parenting and education systems kill curiosity, imagination and out of the box problem solving. NASA conducted a well-known study on people’s creative genius. The results? Ninety-eight percent of 5-year-old…
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The Think Again Series!

So excited to share that coming soon I will be releasing four books in the Think Again Series. This series encourages kids and adults to think out of the box. The books are written for young children but designed to be used for older students and even employers when reaching for innovative solutions. We are…
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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas… I get it. For those who for many years lived in a country where you have been the majority, not hearing “Merry Christmas” is beyond heartbreaking. When everyone is on the same page, when friends and neighbors believe as one and celebrate together.. there are few things sweeter. And besides, America’s open society…
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