Happiness Is Meaning

In this insightful TED talk Emily Esfahani Smith shares with us how true happiness is found.  Want happiness? Develop these four traits:

  1. Belong- Be are part of a community where you are needed.
  2. Have Purpose- Live a life of meaning where you know your purpose in this world.
  3. Transcend- See the vastness of this world and know your place within it.

And the last trait? The stories we tell ourselves. Happy people narrate life through a lense of belonging, purpose and transcendence.

So, you broke an arm? You can either share the story of victimhood of a tragic accident and how bad luck follows you or you can see how it brought you closer to a community you never had, showed you to see the world differently and challenged you to help others as they supported you. Find belonging, purpose and meaning to find the key to happiness.

Got you thinking?  Consider I’m Against ID Bracelets. How About You?