Pot: Today’s Cigarettes?

Pot, Weed, Dope- call it what you may. Smoke it, eat it, inhale it- whatever you like. It’s the miracle substance of the day. It will solve all your ailments with absolutely no side effects. Physical problem? Check. Emotional? Check. How is that possible? Haven’t we been sold this before? How can something so powerful as to be able to solve all problems from Parkinson’s tremors to garden variety anxiety have zero side-effects and be completely healthy?

Parents are smoking with their children, students are high in classrooms and employees are high at work. Everyone expects to be at a constant state of “chill” with zero psychological, emotional or physical side effects. How is this possible? We’ve heard this before. Cigarettes were advertised by doctors and coke used to be in soda and prescribed for babies- both with no side effects. Interested in repeating history? I’m not.

Looking at the body holistically, this defies my common sense. And more and more we are starting to see the addiction that it can lead to – starting emotionally and then physically with greater use and stronger substance use. In the meantime, even occasional use can be problematic depending on an individual’s reaction. Am I in the minority not wanting to get on the pot wagon?

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