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it's the act that counts

The Story Behind the Story

Dr. Swati Gandhi and I recently collaborated on Navigating OIT. This guide is designed for parents helping their children through oral immunotherapy or tolerance induction therapy. If that is something you are dealing with, this book is for you- from how to manage it from a parenting perspective to specifics on recipes and going through…
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Snow Day

Graceful kiss of white – blanketing all our lives Gentling covering all in sight – a peaceful silent whisper… Filled with red rage that grows with every touch An icy, salty nightmare that grows darker with watch Snowmen fill memories, sleds and smiles and friends The present is anguish from all that it can cause.…
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Gratitude Galore aka Thank You Movement

So… when this whole business of gratitude became the rage of mental health and social media, I agreed with its essence but then thought people had fully gone overboard.  Thirty Days of Thanks?  National Gratitude Day? Daily Gratitude Lists? No Thanks. But, I take it back. In the midst of so much uncertainty in people’s…
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