Think Again: What Do You See?

Think Again: What Do You See?

Most parents would tell you that their kid is a genius! Well, turns out they’re right! It’s all about reinforcing our children’s natural curiosity and imagination. Traditional parenting and education systems kill curiosity, imagination and out of the box problem solving. NASA conducted a well-known study on people’s creative genius. The results? Ninety-eight percent of 5-year-old children fall into the “genius category of imagination”. The number drops to twelve percent for 15-year-olds and to two percent for adults! Think Again is an antidote for keeping our children as geniuses well into adulthood.

Think Again What Do You See? Follows our character as he changes perspectives throughout the book. Each illustration is a seek and find of how everything can be viewed and used in different ways.

Check out the book here: Think Again: What Do You See?

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