To Critique or Not To Critique

To Critique or Not To Critique

What happens when we disagree and want to critique? Do we do it?  The truth we all know is the most people don’t take criticism well- they get defensive.  So I ask… why do we do it?  If someone will get defensive, they won’t hear what we have to say.  So, how can we deliver disagreement in a way that it will be heard? Here’s the five step method of delivering that bad news…

  1. Is it worth it?  People march to different drummers- accept this. Do you really need to criticize?
  2. Sandwich the critique:  a dose of positive, the critique, then another dose of positive
  3. Watch your timing: is the other person in the best position they can be to hear you and truly listen?
  4. Be humble in your approach: no one knows it all- don’t act like you do when you critique

Gratitude goes a long way: always thank who are talking with.

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