What Happened to Simple Kids’ Birthday Parties?

what happened to a simple kids birthday party

Just read this thought provoking article asking…What Happened To Simple Kids’ Birthday Parties

Kate Casey wants us to go back to simpler times with no fuss birthday parties at home instead of the lavish affairs complete with characters, face painting and entertainment which most kids have today. Because after all not only it is easier on parents but  to some extent simple is better. It allows our kids to dream. And does a three year old even know the difference?

So, it got me thinking, why are parties so lavish? They could be $60 instead of $1200. This is my answer.

There are more two income families than ever before and those who work part time have some kind of childcare. To throw a party at home requires time and certain mangement and party skills along with lack of fear of all the what ifs that can go wrong. So… simply put, throwing a party out of the house is actually simpler for those who do it than having a party at home. Do our children miss out from the benefits of a home party? Yes. That’s a choice we are making. And that choice and its ramifications is what we need to be honest about.  But, that’s a discussion for another time.

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