TED: Ideas and Friendship

TED – Ideas Worth Spreading: innovative creations, thought provoking concepts, mind expanding ideas.  And then there is this:  “How Our Friendship Survives Our Opposing Politics”. The talk itself is great.  The question I have is how did we get here?

When did we become so insular and close-minded that we need a TED Talk devoted to teaching us how to engage with those who think differently from us? Think about this for a bit; it’s mind blowing.  The TED Talk platform is predicated on the engagement of individuals who view themselves as naturally open-minded and curious. Yet those very people need a TED Talk to be open-minded and curious.

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Help Kids Be Leaders Without Helping Them!

We all want our kids to be leaders- to be able to lead others or stand up for themselves.  Here’s my top five how tos.  What’s yours?

  1. Let Kids Make Mistakes: Mistakes build character. They teach us that we can overcome.
  2. Don’t Help: You read it right. Don’t help your child. Let them figure it out themselves. Always think- what’s the worse that can happen? If you can fix that scenario, let your child grow by helping themselves.
  3. Let them know:  “I expect you to lead.”: It’s okay to give our children expectations. It’s a stress that is valuable to their growth.
  4. No Phone 24/7: You want your child to be able to think by themselves without seeking advice for every little thing. If they are in a safe area, consider leaving them without a phone.
  5. Be a Model: Lead by example. Do good. Be good. And. . . make sure you let your kids know.