In-Laws. Enough Said…

If you get married, you’ll have in-laws.  Every culture and country around the world has those jokes of the crazy in-laws.  But who wants a crazy, drama filled life?  In-laws are the foundation of the new expanded family you are now a part of.  So, here are some tips to an easy, happy life with the in-laws… believe it or not! P.S.  It’s never too late to create that family that you want.

  1. Direct Link to Who You Love. You can see this two ways. If you’re a son or daughter in-law… remember the one you love is a product of the family they came from- can’t deny them. If you’re a mom, dad, brother or sister in-law… remember the new family member is loved by your flesh and blood. Can’t deny them.
  2. Watch that Criticism. Once again, this cuts both ways. Put down your in-laws, you’ve put down your loved one. Either it’s your loved one’s family or their new chosen family. So, choose your words carefully. Read More


Married? Now what? Everyone needs to work at marriage. We may have watched people drive but we still needed to study, practice and pass a test to get a license and be a great driver. We’ve watched marriages our whole life but we still need to learn how to “do marriage”- even if we got that license without a test.

  1. Do What the Other Wants. This works beautifully when you both do it. And here’s the trick, neither should expect anything from the other… otherwise, you’re just about you and not we.
  2. Don’t Tell All. Sharing is good to a limit. Your every doubt of the other and pointing out of every flaw will get you no where. And as for other info… a little mystery can go a long way.
  3. Your Spouse Doesn’t Make You Whole. Romantically and spiritually you may be two halves of a puzzle come together but your spouse can’t fix your insecurities or weaknesses. It’s up to you to make sure your half of the puzzle is in good shape. Read More