Picky Eaters and the Parents Who Make Them

Picky Eaters and the Parents Who Make Them

“He’s just a picky eater. He only likes cheerios but you have to give it to him in a plastic bag. He refuses to eat it out of a cup and he’ll only take it from me.”

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard parents say in front of their children that they are picky eaters. Even if it’s true, for the love of God, please stop saying it in front of your kids. Why?

  1. You are gossiping about your child AND in front of them.  Think about it, how much would you like it if your friend or spouse would say to a waiter that you are picky as you are about to order dinner?
  2. It reinforces the behavior.  Honestly, even if for a moment your child was thinking of trying something new, there is no way that he would. After all, you just told him he is picky!
  3. It puts you in control.  With your all knowing announcement of your child’s picky behavior it reinforces that you have a special expertise and know everything about your child.  But your goal in raising a child, is to put them in control and make them independent.  You can’t honestly be surprised that your kid will only take something from you after you announce it countless times a day and let’s leave for another time the negative relationship this creates with the other parent.

So, if you’ve been announcing how your child is one of those picky eaters, make your life easier and just… stop

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