Month: February 2018

it's the act that counts

Guns and Us

With hesitation… I enter the gun debate. The most upsetting aspect is that people have firmly planted their feet on opposite ends of this issue and refuse to acknowledge any compromise. To my friends who are vehemently anti-gun, those who want all guns banned from all forums:  Consider our vast and beautiful country.  In some…
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Family First

I was recently struck by comments in an “allergy mom’s group”.  One mom asked if she was overreacting for taking her child home when her in-laws had a meal filled with her child’s allergen even though there was other food that the child could eat… after all, her in-laws knew of the allergen. What struck…
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Leadership is a trait that every individual should have.  Some, will take their leadership to a communal level and be our next generation’s leaders; others will be individuals who lead by example, making our world a better place one good deed at a time. How do we develop leadership in ourselves and others?  It only…
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Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

And so… Robert Frost wrote in the Mending Wall,  “Something there is that doesn’t love a wall… Good fences make good neighbors.” As much as Frost did not like the wall that separated him from his neighbor, in the end the wall remained. Today, in America we are fortunate to live in a time when…
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Happiness Is Meaning

In this insightful TED talk Emily Esfahani Smith shares with us how true happiness is found.  Want happiness? Develop these four traits: Belong- Be are part of a community where you are needed. Have Purpose- Live a life of meaning where you know your purpose in this world. Transcend- See the vastness of this world and…
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