The Nose Picker

the nose picker

Six of us were in a room waiting for a meeting to start and one of the women in the room chimes in,  “You’re never going to believe this… I was at a light and just looked over to my right and there was my mother-in-law picking her nose- I mean really digging in! So funny, she didn’t even notice me!”  And the room breaks out in laughter over the mother in law picking her nose.

I never knew how to react to this story.  On the one hand, it was a group of women just venting and laughing together.  On the other hand, I would never have shared the story if it was me.  That just wasn’t nice- it was so embarrassing.  I’m sure her mother-in-law would not have liked that accidental view into her private world shared.

Please someone help me out here.  That day my jaw just dropped and I made a note to watch my back with this particular gal.  She had shared a story that wasn’t hers to share in the first place at someone else’s expense.  Who knows, I could be next.  Did I overreact to a typical exchange?

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