Constant Updates

Constant Updates

Constant updates in your Child’s life is a bad thing, If you have a kid in school… you will know exactly what I am about to share and for those who don’t… life has changed. Every parent has access to a password to go onto a site chosen by the school where you can get every homework assignment and every test grade in real time. It’s a virtual stock exchange of your child’s performance.

Now, many people absolutely love this. I despise these constant updates. It’s billed as a way for parents to keep an eye on their kids and for teachers and parents to communicate more effectively. I think it’s just a way for our children to become more dependent on us as we micro manage them ever more intently.

There is growth that happens when a kid is responsible for checking his own homework- a sense of responsibility. There is growth that happens when a kid has to face a parent with a test grade in hand- facing consequences. Responsibility and consequences are the cornerstones of adulthood and in childhood, kids can learn it in small doses. So when they are an adult they can handle “adulting.”

Instead we are sending our children out into the world without the adequate practice in handling themselves. The results? Students who can’t handle decision making in college. Young employees whose parents call into their employees to discuss their children’s performance. So… think we can get rid of this? What am I missing?

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