The “We” In “I”

The We In I
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In this thought provoking talk, Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks argues that in today’s world we do not see the we in I. We ultimately end up worshiping ourselves. From the emphasis we place on self-help to selfies to online filters which reinforce our world view… we are all about ourselves. And self worship… ultimately leads to world destruction.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, it’s all in our motivation. Grab that self-help book to be a better citizen. Take that selfie to make someone else smile. And as for the bubble we create of others just like us… let’s pop it. We need to stop worshiping ourselves and see the we in I. Let’s make it our goal today to connect with someone who disagrees with us and see the we in I. Ultimately we are social creatures. Alone we wither and together we thrive.

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