Live Your Best Life

Live Your Best Life

In life you can be anything you want to be.” “You can get anything you set your mind to.” “Just do it.” “You can have it all.” We’ve all heard variations of these sentences and shown examples of those who have made it big against all odds simply because they set their mind to a task. But this is a myth.

Some people simply can’t sing and no matter what they do, they will never be a world wide superstar. If you don’t have the ideal physical built to be a ballerina, you are never going to achieve the highest heights of success in ballet. If you just aren’t book smart, good luck becoming a nuclear physicist. Never mind being born in the right time, place and resources that allows a person to achieve. The reality is that we are all limited. We are not all the same. We don’t have the same strengths.

We are different and we just can’t simply be anything we want to be. What we can be is the best version of ourselves. Each person has a unique purpose in this world. You need to find your purpose and do that to its best. The trick here is to then be at peace with your gift and not desire the gifts that others have. Instead appreciate that you are in a place to witness someone else living their best life.

So stop telling yourself that you can have it all and you simply have to manifest what you desire. Instead focus on what you do and do that to your best ability. Maybe you’ll achieve stardom; maybe you won’t. But that’s not the point. The point is for you to live your best life.

Of course… there will always be those who disagree… who with the power of their mind and meditation, through staying on task and working hard achieved beyond their wildest dreams. But I agree with that possibility. My question to you, if you are doing all the right things and not achieving what you desire, is whether this is your path and your best life? Maybe you’re just barking up the wrong tree.

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