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it's the act that counts

The Sky is Falling… FEAR!

FEAR. In the story of Chicken Little we learn an important lesson about fear. After an acorn falls on Chicken Little’s head, Chicken Little assumes the sky is falling and runs off to tell her friends. She and her friends ultimately meet up with the fox, who cleverly takes advantage of their fear and eats them!  As…
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Leadership is a trait that every individual should have.  Some, will take their leadership to a communal level and be our next generation’s leaders; others will be individuals who lead by example, making our world a better place one good deed at a time. How do we develop leadership in ourselves and others?  It only…
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Happiness Is Meaning

In this insightful TED talk Emily Esfahani Smith shares with us how true happiness is found.  Want happiness? Develop these four traits: Belong- Be are part of a community where you are needed. Have Purpose- Live a life of meaning where you know your purpose in this world. Transcend- See the vastness of this world and…
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Snow Day

Graceful kiss of white – blanketing all our lives Gentling covering all in sight – a peaceful silent whisper… Filled with red rage that grows with every touch An icy, salty nightmare that grows darker with watch Snowmen fill memories, sleds and smiles and friends The present is anguish from all that it can cause.…
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