Let’s Think Again Together

If you’ve followed this blog through the years, you know it’s all about looking at all things life in a different way. Just because everyone is doing something one way it doesn’t mean it’s the right way or the path that works for you. With that said, sometimes there’s something to collective wisdom, that maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to turn our backs on.

During the pandemic, I had the gift of having many in-depth discussions with a few friends on Not Another White Man’s Podcast. This led to the Think Again Book Series that I just authored for kids and parents to read together. And as all things in life go, this has led to an opportunity to speak at the JCC Book Festival on November 10th!

Come and join me as I share my story of immigration in the midst of the Iran-American Hostage crises. Let’s think together about social change from sexuality to politics. Is there right and wrong and what does a Jewish Perspective add?

Grab your ticket and join in person or on line!