Pets and the People Who Love Them

Pets and the People Who Love Them

Love Pets?  Hate Pets?  Either way you have to deal with them.  They are part of our world.  So, here’s a top ten list of how to deal with the creatures in our life.

1. Get One. They are fun and great company. They create opportunities to connect with other people who have the same kind of pet. They can bring joy whether a frog or dog! So if you don’t have one, consider it may not be so bad to have one in your life- whether yours or acquired by marriage.

2. Take Care of Them First. Here’s the thing… ultimately your pet is your captive. So, treat your pet well and feed them before yourself. Hanging with someone who is nasty to his/her pet? Could be a sign of dominance or responsibility issues.
3. They are Not People. Sure this is controversial in the world we live in today. But to bring this home, you’d want a fireman to first save your mom from a burning home, then the pet snake- if there’s time. It’s an act that shows our humanity. If someone loves their animals more than people… quite likely you’ll always be second fiddle.
4. Don’t Assume Others Will Love Your Pet Like You Do. Pets are an acquired taste. If you are meeting someone who just doesn’t get it but is great otherwise, it’s okay. Remember, true love from a person is in another league than loyalty and love from pets.
5. Use Them to Grow. Everything in our life should enrich us. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t belong in our lives. So, a pet should be enriching. A chance to teach us and take us out of our comfort zone to somewhere unknown.
6. Don’t Let Them Take Over. Like everything in life, balance is key. Your life cannot revolve around pets and neither should your every thought or action. If you are with someone who is obsessed, make sure you are equally obsessed with something as well- because ultimately, that obsession is your life and not the one you’re with.
7. Enjoy. If it’s not bringing you joy, get rid of it.
8. Know When to Pass Them On. When it’s over, it’s over. People grow- that is our nature. We are not static. So if you have a pet that just doesn’t fit in your life, pass the pet on to someone else to enjoy.
9. Don’t go overboard- unless you’re on a farm. A one-bedroom apartment can’t house 30 creatures- just keep that in mind.
10. Your Relationship With People are More Important. Act this. Live this. Unless you’d rather be in the wild- then move there.

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