There’s More to Health Than Meets The Eye

Typically when we have a medical issue, we focus on our physical ailment and work to fix our bodies.  After all, that makes sense: the body is malfunctioning, so let’s fix the body.  But as human beings, we are not just our bodies. Science has now firmly established that our emotional and psychological outlooks and attitudes have a significant impact on our health. It’s more than just a placebo effect. It’s just good science to address our overall needs in order to have the most positive physical outcome.

Next week in Boston I will be one of the chairs and will be on a panel at the  The Next Generation Food Allergy Drug Development Summit. The topic? Avoiding patient drop outs for allergy treatments. Providing medical treatment is just one step in success when it comes to our health. So much relies on us as patients being able to follow through with the treatments and having a positive working relationship with our doctors and caregivers. Achieving health is not just about popping a pill and calling it a day, it’s much deeper than that.

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