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it's the act that counts

Words… Look Who’s Talking

Do we use our words with care? Words are powerful. They shape our thoughts. Thoughts shape our actions- good and bad. And so a pen is mightier than a sword. (Language Shapes Our Thoughts) Where does this leave us in an interconnected world? Many cultures exaggerate as a matter of fact. Americans are prone to…
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What Did Barbara Bush Do Anyway?

Barbara Bush is gone. Actual conversation I had: Me:  “Barbara Bush passed away today.” Kid: “So, what did Barbara Bush do anyway?”, spoken with disdain. Me:  Absolutely incredulous, “She was the mom and wife of TWO Presidents.” Kid: “She didn’t do anything.” Me:  “What?!?!  She raised the kid who became President and supported and gave…
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Words Are Actions: They Free Us Or Enslave Us

Tara Westover is raised to fear every institution: governmental or corporate including schools and hospitals. Her family lives in the mountains of Idaho. They are off the grid. Tara never spends a day in school. When her brother suffers a life threatening head injury, they treat it at home. When her father is severely burned…
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Guns and Us

With hesitation… I enter the gun debate. The most upsetting aspect is that people have firmly planted their feet on opposite ends of this issue and refuse to acknowledge any compromise. To my friends who are vehemently anti-gun, those who want all guns banned from all forums:  Consider our vast and beautiful country.  In some…
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Leadership is a trait that every individual should have.  Some, will take their leadership to a communal level and be our next generation’s leaders; others will be individuals who lead by example, making our world a better place one good deed at a time. How do we develop leadership in ourselves and others?  It only…
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