Month: December 2017

it's the act that counts

Pets and the People Who Love Them

Love Pets?  Hate Pets?  Either way you have to deal with them.  They are part of our world.  So, here’s a top ten list of how to deal with the creatures in our life. 1. Get One. They are fun and great company. They create opportunities to connect with other people who have the same…
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Picky Eaters and the Parents Who Make Them

“He’s just a picky eater. He only likes cheerios but you have to give it to him in a plastic bag. He refuses to eat it out of a cup and he’ll only take it from me.” I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard parents say in front of their children that…
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The Nose Picker

Six of us were in a room waiting for a meeting to start and one of the women in the room chimes in,  “You’re never going to believe this… I was at a light and just looked over to my right and there was my mother-in-law picking her nose- I mean really digging in! So funny,…
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Pee Gate

We went to a one year old birthday party in our friend’s home. Our two year old had an accident on the carpet- we cleaned it up. We get a bill for professional carpet cleaning for the entire room after the party. As a host, would you charge for the cleaning? As a guest, would…
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