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it's the act that counts

Happiness Is Meaning

In this insightful TED talk Emily Esfahani Smith shares with us how true happiness is found.  Want happiness? Develop these four traits: Belong- Be are part of a community where you are needed. Have Purpose- Live a life of meaning where you know your purpose in this world. Transcend- See the vastness of this world and…
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Gratitude Galore aka Thank You Movement

So… when this whole business of gratitude became the rage of mental health and social media, I agreed with its essence but then thought people had fully gone overboard.  Thirty Days of Thanks?  National Gratitude Day? Daily Gratitude Lists? No Thanks. But, I take it back. In the midst of so much uncertainty in people’s…
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TED: Ideas and Friendship

TED – Ideas Worth Spreading: innovative creations, thought provoking concepts, mind expanding ideas.  And then there is this:  “How Our Friendship Survives Our Opposing Politics”. The talk itself is great.  The question I have is how did we get here? When did we become so insular and close-minded that we need a TED Talk devoted…
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Would You Save a Stranger or Your Dog?

Recently I was struck by my facebook newsfeed. Topping my feed with 200 likes and 63 comments and counting was news of a friend’s dog – passed away the previous night. The condolences and sincere heartfelt sadness was clear in every comment. A close second and directly below it was a posting of another friend’s…
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To Share or Not to Share

We live in an age of sharing – our thoughts, our images, our past, our future.  On the one hand- what’s better than sharing and connecting?  We need to share to survive- it’s true no man is an island. And babies who are starved of human connection… die.  On the other hand- could we go…
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