Raising Children- Basics We Can’t Do Without

We are flooded with what we need to do as parents for our children: give them activities, have a sense of humor, feed them well, make sure they sleep enough and have great friends, etc.   All true. But what are the basics that we truly can’t do without?

  1. They are Not a Mini-Me. Children are not you and will never be you. They are not here to be better versions of you. They are not here to do what you did not do. Children are here to live their own best life.
  2. Don’t Get Involved in a Power Struggle. Never demand something from your children that you know you can’t follow through without a power struggle. Fighting with children brings us down to their level rather than keeping us elevated as an authority figure.
  3. Give Them Space. Our entire purpose in raising children is to let them go. And every day you need to find ways to let them go a bit more. You are successful as a parent when your  Read More

TED: Ideas and Friendship

TED – Ideas Worth Spreading: innovative creations, thought provoking concepts, mind expanding ideas.  And then there is this:  “How Our Friendship Survives Our Opposing Politics”. The talk itself is great.  The question I have is how did we get here?

When did we become so insular and close-minded that we need a TED Talk devoted to teaching us how to engage with those who think differently from us? Think about this for a bit; it’s mind blowing.  The TED Talk platform is predicated on the engagement of individuals who view themselves as naturally open-minded and curious. Yet those very people need a TED Talk to be open-minded and curious.

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To Critique or Not To Critique

What happens when we disagree and want to critique? Do we do it?  The truth we all know is the most people don’t take criticism well- they get defensive.  So I ask… why do we do it?  If someone will get defensive, they won’t hear what we have to say.  So, how can we deliver disagreement in a way that it will be heard? Here’s the five step method of delivering that bad news…

  1. Is it worth it?  People march to different drummers- accept this. Do you really need to critique?
  2. Sandwich the critique:  a dose of positive, the critique, then another dose of positive
  3. Watch your timing: is the other person in the best position they can be to hear you and truly listen?
  4. Be humble in your approach: no one knows it all- don’t act like you do when you critique
  5. Gratitude goes a long way: always thank who are talking with

Good Luck!